Summer Fun: Mom’s in Town

A week ago, yesterday, my mom came in town to visit. YEA! I thoroughly enjoy spending time with her. Here’s a quick run down of what we did this past week.

– Mom came in.
– We sat around the house and chatting, while I was working on some art for the office.
– Mom opened her retirement present and then we had to play with it, so we started the Sound of Music on Blu Ray and did the sin-a-long version, so FUN! I need to have a party and do this (David came home from work and we thought we might be disturbing him with our “lovely” voices).
– Dinner with mom, David, John, and Kelly at Enchiladas y Mas (YUM!).
– Mom stay with John and Kelly.

– I worked on the buffet while mom and Kelly worked on finishing up their moving stuff.
– I honestly can’t remember what we did that evening…WOW!! I’m getting old.
– OH YEA! I made chicken and rice and everyone came to eat at our house, HAHA!

– Kelly, mom, and I went up to Sun “Fun” City.
– Ate lunch at Monument Cafe (good home cooking and a FABULOUS chocolate pie, it has a to die for pecan crust…mmmm….)
– Drove around Georgetown and viewed model homes (WAY FUN!)

– I worked on the buffet again this morning.
– Mom came over around 1:00 and we had lunch (chic-fil-a that was brought to me, it doesn’t get much better).
– Mom, Brenda (mom’s good friend), and I had a fabulous girl’s afternoon (puppy vet visit, lunch at El Patron Mexican Restaurant, some shopping (Charming Charlie and Austin Consignment Depot), pedicures, and some yogurt at Yogurt Planet.
– Mom stayed and spent some time with David and I

– Mom went and dropped on John and Kelly at the airport (California here they come…) and brought home donuts.
– Ate some Round Rock donuts.
– Normal Saturday stuff (David mowed, I lounged, made a trip to Home Depot).
– Worked on the buffet some more and David was getting ready for camp.
– Dinner with friends (Kim, Will, and Doug) at Home Slice (delicious!).

– Brunch at Chez Zee.
– Sunday afternoon relaxation time (naps, tv, books).
– Worked on the buffet some more.
– Church.
– Dinner at Chili’s where mom and I ran into Tyler and LaRae.

– 9:30 left for the San Marcos Outlets
– 10:15 started shopping…
– 1 or 2 lunch at Center Point Station for some home cooking
– 4:45 left the outlets and drove around downtown San Marcos in hopes of finding some ribbon store and failed (it might help if we could remember the name next time, HA!).
– 5:30 made it back to Austin
– went to Target (found cut swim attire)
– 7:15 dinner at Pei Wei
– 8:00 FINALLY made it home
– Finished the Sound of Music sing-a-long we started the previous week.

– Slept in.
– Worked on devising a plan to put the shelf in the buffet and back on it.
– Went to Lowe’s to get screws and door knobs.
– Worked on the buffet some more.
– Went to Home Depot for nails (staples wouldn’t work more on this later).
– Came home and finished the buffet.
– After the 1 hour project turning into 5 hours we rested.
– I worked on some rice pillows.
– Dinner at FireBowl Cafe with Ben and Pima.
– Wal-Mart for some more rice for my pillows and ice cream sandwiches, yum!
– Since our movie day had turned into project day we watch The Diary of Anne Frank, because I’m nerdy like that. It was very cool how the condensed the actual diary into the movie.
– Finished my pillows.

– Lounged around
– “Brunch” at The Original Pancake House
– Mom headed back to the valley.

I think I got a little link happy, sorry! I wish I was better with my camera so I could have some pictures to share with the words (I love pictures, they help me feel like I’m really there). Wow that was a long trip and very eventful! I love when my parents come to visit. Sad I didn’t get to see my dad, but hopefully that will happen sometime soon.

I’m working on uploading all of the house pictures we have onto flickr right now. Then I will actually build the “Our House” page for you all to see. I’ve got a few more projects going on, so hopefully I will be able to get everything up soon. And we have another house guest starting tomorrow night. Hopefully I will take a few pictures this time. Anyone have any fun house guests recently? What did y’all do?



Oh man. I have found this new AWESOME website…okay, maybe not new new, but it’s new to me at least. And I am in love!! It’s like having a pin board, but online. AMAZING! You can tag recipes, crafts, house stuff, clothing, pictures galore of things you like, love, or simple want to drool over some more. I have wasted quite a bit of time on it today and last week…If you get on there you should find me and we can share the wonderful things that we find! My name’s lbattershell on pinterest.

P.S. I’m doing some buffet make over as we speak. Unfortunately we won’t get to making the shelf until this weekend, so it may be late next week before there are any pictures to show. It already looks a ton better!


This week I went over to John and Kelly’s house to “help” them move. I said “help,” because they hired movers. Kelly didn’t want to be there alone while they were wrapping and moving the furniture (I don’t blame her; I wouldn’t want to be alone either), I went over to spend some time with my wonderful sister in law and to watch people move things (it’s very impressive how quickly and efficiently they can do it all).

Their new place is a great two story house (David and I actually looked at a very similar floor plan that we considered when purchasing our home, 2 years ago, WOW!), with multiple living areas and 2.5 bathrooms! I’m a little envious of the half bath and multiple living areas, but our home is a great first home. Oh and their rent house has painted walls, yea! They’re not exactly colors that Kelly would most likely pick, but they’re neutrally and not stark white. The big downer to renting, white, white, and oh yea, white.

On a similar note, it was a whole lot of fun getting to spend more time with Kelly. I really need to soak in all the time I can get with them before they move away from me (yes, I said me and not Austin; I am that self-centered, always have been :-)). I’ve been watching the TV show Brothers and Sisters on Netflix and I LOVE how they spend so much time together (granted it is over a span of  a year, so it’s not always daily or weekly). It has really made me think about what a wonderful family I have and that I need to make sure they know how much they mean to me and in my life. Family’s are true support systems and mine is pretty great. I think that’s why I like TV shows about families; Modern Family, Brothers and Sisters, the family. I will say some of the shows don’t portray my family and all of our values, but I think they hold the essence of true family – love, forgiveness, caring, and support for one another. Families aren’t perfect, but they band together and make it through to the other side as long as they stick with each other.

Wow, this post has really taken a turn (I think this is why I didn’t major in English….my thoughts all start to jam together and I change topics…). So I think I’ll end with this; I love my family, they’re great. I need to make sure they know that I know this and I love them dearly.

Mr. and Mrs. Palmer

This weekend (well really Friday night) I was in Beaumont to celebrate a wonderful marriage, Lawrence and Amelia Palmer. They were married in California, so this was really just a reception for his side (Texas to California is kind of far, like half way across the United States).

On to the point, I went to high school with Lawrence, and he is a very amazing man; always gentle and kind. (If you don’t know him, you’re really missing out and you should remedy that). Random tidbit: he always gave the best hugs, like the kind that your dad or big brother give and you know everything’s going to be okay. Maybe that’s just me (and I see him as a brother type). Oh, and he had the greatest unruly curly hair out there (but he had to cut it to be a “grown up.”).

As for Amelia, I just met her, but she’s seems equally wonderful. And to win his heart I know she is. Random fact; she and Lawrence sang the song they fell in love to (I can’t remember the name for the life of me) and she has an AMAZING voice! It was very sweet and beautiful!

Well, while in Beaumont I kind of realized that my camera battery was completely dead. As in, wouldn’t even turn on or say anything except replace battery. 😦 I was unable to take pictures to share with you all. So for those who need visuals, here’s a picture of them I stole from their wedding website. Aren’t they the cutest??

Congratulations, Lawrence and Amelia! May y’all have many, many blessed years of marriage! And come and visit Austin.

Flower Power

As I am getting ready to head out of town for the day I was looking back at some pictures I took during spring break while visiting my Granny in Dallas. I’m a little strange and LOVE to look at flowers, trees, clouds, water, pretty much anything outdoorsy and just stare in awe. In college, between class, I would sit/lay out on the south mall at campus and just stare up at the clouds and trees and an overwhelming sense of peace would always resinate over my heart.

It amazes me how God has created such wonderful and beautiful things in this world for use to enjoy. It reminds me that God loves us (it’s the simple things in life that matter).

It’s one of those “Remember, I love you” things that I don’t always take time to appreciate. Like when I was in middle and would roll my eyes at my parents when they would try to hug me in public because they were embarrassing me. Man, am I glad that time of life is over for me.

There is too much beauty to just go through life in fast forward all the time. Slow down, take time to smell the roses or whatever else is around you. God made it for you to bring a little smile to your face the very second you saw it.

Nature’s pretty cool like that. A little piece of God in the world waiting for us to take a look, stare at it in amazement and wonder.

Take some time in your day to stare at the wondrous creations around you everyday.

Summer To Do:

David always gives me a hard time about summer. He says that he does not understand how someone can be so productive for ten months and then basically fall off the face of the earth when summer rolls around. So, I am going to make a list of things I need to accomplish before I head back to work in August.

Things to complete this summer:
1. refinish the buffet
2. refinish our “new” dresser (from craigslist)
3. refinish my childhood furniture and move into the guest room
4. complete “art” for office
5. find a place for all of the gazillion photos in the office
6. hang mirror above dresser in bedroom
7. figure out art for above the mantle
8. purchase new duvet for master bedroom (queen size really isn’t large enough for a queen bed, we’re going king)
9. create headboard and footboard for master bedroom
10.  sew curtains for master bedroom (I need to purchase fabric first)
11. get everything on our new computer and consolidate
12. be more consistent with budgetting
13. post at least 3 times a week on blog (and keep this up when school starts back)
14. work out at least 3 times a week
15. catch up on brothers & sisters (I’m on season 3 right now and just can’t stop)
16. find something to volunteer with (I use to do this ALL the time and now that I’m a “grown-up” I just don’t. I think I shall try to remedy this soon)
17. read at least one “grown-up” book (being an elementary teacher I tend to read mainly children novels)
18. install a pool in our back yard

WOW!! I keep thinking of more things that I want to do…maybe I need to save some of those for the fall or next summer. I’m starting to sound WAY too over zealous. And I’m totally KIDDING about the pool. I was just wondering if David will actually read this thing.

Anybody else enjoy projects? Maybe a good summer novel? Lounging by the pool?

And it Begins

It’s official. School is out. Summer has begun. And I have boocoos of free time on my hand. Inevitably that leaves me time to start this here blog.

I am excited to share my many crazy projects of this summer and life happenings. Hopefully I will be able to head out of town a few times as well.

In the next few days I’ll try and update a list about my impending summer projects and random travel plans.

Anyone have any fun summer plans? Or are you like me and get stir crazy and complete a lot of random things around the house.