Costa Rica Day 1 – San Jose

Our first day Ben came and picked us up at 5:00 am to head to the airport for our flight. We were both in a daze this morning (I couldn’t sleep and only slept for an hour and well, David needs his 9 hours of sleep). Pretty much as soon as we got through security and ate breakfast it was time to board our plane. Off to Houston. Were we had a very short lay over at gate E7.

Despite the shortness of our layover we we still fairly board/interested in learning things about our new camera.

This is what happens when David gets ahold of the camera….lots and lots of random people pictures. And generally I begin to just shake my head at him, like above as he continues to do it for what seems like hours.

And this is what I do. I try out all the camera settings on inanimate objects and see what cool effects I can get. Yes, this photo was not edited at all. It was done completely by the camera.

Off the San Jose we flew. As soon as we got into town we followed the sketchy directions to the hotel. Yes, sketchy. You’ll see the museum and keep going 300 meters, then you’ll see the compound looking building and take a left right after that, then take a left at the big red building Inataco, and then you’ll turn right at the Nicaraguan embassy and the Pizza Hut. The hotel is on the right; it’s the yellow building with a blue door.

That is exactly how you get around Costa Rica. They lack street signs compared to America. If you miss the sign on the highway that tells you what all the various intersections are you miss it and you have no idea if you took the correct high way. There are no signs on the highway that tell you you are on highway 2 headed west. It was an adventure, but we made it and had a blast.

Now back on topic here. We made it to our hotel. It was really quant.

This was our side of Casa 69. The main side was across the street. You had to exit out of the walls, cross the street, and re-enter walls on this side. It was a rather different hotel experience than we are use to and I thought it was great. Look at that amazing porch, which had chairs and benches.

I attempted to take a little nap while David explored our hotel and found Tom and Sarah. Then I woke up and David and I explored the near by areas.

The top of the main hotel sections had this great roof top patio along with the ridiculous amount of barbed wire. I guess no one will ever be able to leave…

Despite the commercial nature of San Jose, it is a big city after all, there were some very rustic aspects of it as well. I did find the color of the roofs to be very pretty. Along with the couple parks that we saw. Unfortunately we only have pictures from one of the parks.

We continued on our way down the street and found a little park with lots of art. There is art everywhere in Costa Rica. David loved this piece. It is old computer casings recycled into an archway sculpture. Yes that is a Dell mixed in there. Sorry David looks funny it was the setting on the camera. He was turned orangey-pink.

Personally I liked the beer crates turned into a stairway. As a kid I would of loved to climb across this thing. Yes, I know it’s blocked off, but I don’t think that would have stopped me in my monkey phase days.

As we continued to walk around we saw the Costa Rican round stones.

They were everywhere. Also, they are monolithic sculptures made by human hands. The stones were found in a river bed. Over 300 stones have been found, none incomplete. I was slightly fascinated by them, so I did a little research upon returning home.

We took our picture next to the round stone, but it’s beside us so you cannot see it. Unfortunately we were by ourselves and there was not anyone near us to take our photo. So photo shout out to the Nathan pose.

Shortly after our walk we met up with Tom and Sarah and headed out to dinner. We took a taxi across town and ended up at an Italian restaurant. They had fabulous gnocchi. I do wish I had chosen the pesto sauce, but it was still tasty.

My sweet husband tried to take a picture of the restaurant…That’s all I need to say.

The red taxis are the legitimate taxis. Make sure not to take the sketchy ones…One of our drives did take us through the “ghetto” of San Jose and pointed out the places where sketchiness takes place. How many times can I say sketch in this post??

The lovely blue door let us know that we were home for the evening. Along with the wall and the barbed wire to keep the sketchiness out. Sigh…That was one long day.


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