Costa Rica Day 5 – Travel to Arenal

Well…I thought this posted months ago and it didn’t…So here goes.

Once again we were up bright and early.  There was a theme on this tip and even David went along with it (those of you who know him know this is impressive, especially on a vacation).

One last beautiful sunrise from our little piece of paradise.

Good-bye little bungalo!

Yes, yes, I am that crazy.  I say goodbye to place and things and sometimes people :-O

Here’s us as we are about to pile into our “taxi” to head to the “dock” (which is really just the beach) to head back to the main lands.  This is us with Tom and Sarah and our Netherlands friends.

Our beautiful bed and breakfast (yes we had to “hike” those paths to get in and out of the hotel.

The wonderful owner, Miguel, telling us all goodbye.  He made the most amazing food!  I wish I was as good of a cook as he is.

Here’s the view from the boat as we were heading back to Sierpe on our ocean-liner.  They’re all about safety first in Costa Rica.  When we got off of the boat in Sierpe an aligator turned over right next to the boat….Very reassuring.  I guess that’s what you get when you live in nature.  And with that we were headed off to San Jose.

In-between Sierpe and Manuel Antonio we were stopped by police.  This was a little concerning to us, especially since we all have traveled between Texas and Mexico many times and are a little weary of being stopped by police in a foreign country, just a little scary.  They were simply wanted to warn us of people breaking into cars.  It was rather comforting that they would take the time to do this.

We stopped off in Manuel Antonio to see the beaches and have lunch.  David was mesmerize.

I was thoroughly excited because we received a text message here from my brother that said “we’re pregnant!”  This will forever be the place I learned I get to me an aunt!!!  I think I’m more excited (at this stage in life) about getting to be an aunt than I would be if I was going to be a mom.  I think being an aunt is one of the most wonderful things ever.  I get to play and have virtually no real responsibility 🙂

We ate at this cool airplane restaurant.  Yes, it had a real airplane in the middle of it.

At lunch there was also a sloth.  Kinda cute ain’t he?

At lunch we found the source of the stench.  Yes, there was this nasty stench that we kept smelling in the car and could not figure it out.  Well…it was Sarah’s shoes.  No, she does not have stinky feet.  The water made her Chaco’s smell funky!

Then we were off on the road again.  We made it into San Jose and dropped off Tom and Sarah (they were flying back home the following morning) and continued on our way to Arenal.

Our trip to Arenal was a little…scary.  It was getting darker by the minute (at 5:00 at night, in the summer) and starting to rain.  The roads in Costa Rica are not labeled near as well as in the United States, like if you miss a sign you miss the sign and have no idea where you are.

Here’s a lovely video (please don’t hate on it, I didn’t edit it, so I kind of repeat myself and say ummm…a lot).

Driving to Arenal

Needless to say we made it safely to our hotel….

and our giant room.  David booked us a room with a volcano room and a nice patio…

and a leaky airconditioner.  Oh yes, an airconditioner!

Dinner at the hotel, it looked great, but did not compare to Miguel’s cooking AT ALL 😦

We walked around a little and tried to go into the hot springs, but alas our sunburns kept us from really enjoying them.  We did enjoy the “cool” ones though.


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