About Us

I’m Laura, and that handsome fella is my husband, David.  We have two young gentlemen and one crazy dog along for the ride in an outdated 1950s rancher in the suburbs of Dallas.

I am a 29 year old teacher turned stay at home mom who enjoys making a house a home, crafting, being outside (as long as my allergies agree), baby wearing, reading, and I’m working on yoga.  David is a network designer who loves sound design, watching movies, and will use any excuse to buy a new power tool (because more power…).  In 2008 we both started new jobs, David proposed, I said yes, and we married.  The following year we bought our first house (which was in excellent shape, but the maroon walls and ceilings needed some TLC) and added a crazy, adorable dog, Addi.  Bam, 2013 hit and our lives were forever changes – we became parents and our hearts grew and changed substantially.  Today, Ryan is a crazy, rambunctious, kind 2.5 year old who has a vocabulary way to large for his age (be careful what you say, he will use anything and everything you say back at you).  That summer our little family of four packed up and headed to Dallas.  That fall, we purchased an in need of love and support, 1950s rancher.  Two years later and our family and hearts grew again, sweet baby brother Paul.

That’s the quick run down on us.  Thanks for stopping by and feel free to come again! Our (virtual) door’s always open!


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