Wear Green Day

Wear green.  Try not to get pinched today.


Happy (belated) 4th

of July! David and I hosted a wonderful party with about twenty people. Unfortunately, I failed at taking pictures of people, but I have a few pictures of items around the party. And I stole some from the lovely Kim C (yea for smart phones and picture people). I’m working on my photo taking skills. Hopefully I will get better very, very soon…

Before the party we installed an American flag.

American FlagWe are very patriotic around here. We love our country. We love our freedom. And even more, we love our soldiers (both of us have military grandparents and love them dearly).

Now, there were drinks.

Watermelon DrinkPhoto by Kim C.

Some tasty watermelon punch in a cute watermelon drink dispenser that I made (I saw this on many blogs and had to try it out. The spout did not work too well, but it was super cute!). We also had sweet tea, beer, water, and anything else people brought. In this photo you can also see the plate where the jalapeno poppers once were. Man those things are tasty and easy peasy (jalapeno halved and seeded, fill with cream cheese, wrap with bacon, throw on the grill for fast cooking or in the oven which takes a while).

4th of July Food

Photo by Kim C.

Continuing on the same topic, food, we had burgers and sausages for the meats. This would be the center of attention at a backyard party, the grill. Surprisingly, it was pretty nice in the yard (our backyard is shaded most of the day), considering the 100+ degrees weather we’re having this summer. Now, if you were near this bad boy, it was pretty sweaty.

4th of July Table

Photo by Kim C.

The more food the merrier, right?!? At least that’s what we believe here in Texas. You can never have too much food. Potato salad, baked beans, grilled corn, burgers, sausage, buns, lettuce, tomato, cheese, etc.

Food Table

The mostly devoured food and now on to the good sweet stuff…

4th of July Cake 2

Photo by Kim C.

YUMMY!! Just look at that beautiful icing job (thanks Kim!). I had a mild freakout when things started to go wrong and Kim finished the outside icing and sprinkles to help calm my nerves. Such a good friend. Drum roll please….


IT WORKED!! Without supportive friends things like this would never be possible, HAHA!! It’s my owed to our Independence, a cake. I found it on a blog, where I find most things these days. <insert David eye roll> Love ya honey!

Josie watching Addi

Here’s our sweet little friend we had staying with us all weekend. She’s very adorable and tinsy (6 pounds). And just in case you were wondering, here’s what she’s looking at:

Addi Dog

My baby girl, Addi. The not so tinsy pups.

That about sums up our 4th; food, friends, drinks and ladder ball (I don’t have a picture though). Unfortunately, we did not get to shoot off fireworks or have sparklers this year…we’re under a burn ban :-(. Plus, the fire chief’s assistant at the party, we probably shouldn’t be breaking rules around here 🙂 I hope everyone had an fabulous (fireworks filled, minus you Austin people…) Fourth in celebrate our wonderful, free country!